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International Game College


Our Strategy

Our strategy is to utilize effective thinking skills with our student-centred curriculum.


Our Mission

We aim to train qualified individuals and leaders for the digital game world.


Why Us?

Because we bring 10+ years of experience in distance education and game development together.

Why Choose Us?

We are the first high school that trains game developers.

We are a real college with proper accreditations.

Our grads can apply any university in 147 countries.

%70 of our teachers are academicians from numerous universities.

We have 10+ years of experience in game development.

We helped 200k+ students in the last 10 years with distance education in various topics.

We support our student’s academic life after graduation.

We use modern teaching and learning methods and techniques where students placed in the center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go to Switzerland to register for International Game College?

Our students can register and pay tuition fee via the online registration system. After registration, our students start their education by joining the online campus at https://igamecollege.com with their password and username. So you do not have to come to Zurich for registration.

Is the education process at International Game College completely online or is there any face-to-face education?

Education process at International Game College is conducted by asynchronous 24/7 education philosophy. Our instructors answer your questions via the Learning Management System. At the same time, they keep track of your performance.

How the midterms and finals will be at International Game College?

Midterms of our school will be online. However, finals of 2019-2020 academic year will take place at only Zurich/Switzerland and Istanbul/Turkey with under the supervision of supervisors and chief supervisor. Finals will include different types of questions such as; essay type/ multiple-choice/true-false/matching type and besides alternate assessment tools such as structured grid/ concept maps / splay-tree questions also e-portfolio will be used as a measure of assessment.


Follow the announcements to avoid missing important events.